CID Bio Science CI203 Handheld Laser Leaf Area Meter

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02 May 2023
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Specification of CID Bio Science CI203 Handheld Laser Leaf Area Meter



The new CI-203 Handheld Laser Area Meter uses advanced laser technology to enable researchers a precise and convenient way to measure leaf area ( or the areas of leaf-like objects) . The CI-203 has been upgraded to offer a host of new features that will augment data sets and make collection quicker and easier. Through new technology, measurement consistency and repeatability has been vastly improved.

The CI-203 is, without question, the best leaf area meter in the market. We have also improved the instruments ability to accurately measure delicate leaves, including a feature that allows the researcher to see an image after each measurement to insure a successful scan. Built-in GPS tagging adds a location for each data set and the removable SD card provides an easy and fast way to download data to your computer.

The high-resolution laser scanner, data logger, and display are all enclosed in a single, handheld wand unit weighing 910g. Researchers can perform non-destructive measurements on leaves of living plants by simply pulling a leaf through the instrument, enabling collection of data from the same plant, or even the same leaf, throughout its life span. For rapid measurement of detached leaves, the CI-203CA, conveyor attachment makes a perfect complement to the CI-203.

In addition to the conveyor attachment, the CI-203 also has an optional attachment, CI-203RL for measuring the area of roots and other irregularly-shaped matter. All six measurement parameters ( area, width, length, perimeter, shape factor, and aspect ratio) comprise a data set and are compiled at the same time, and over 15, 000 data points can be stored and transferred to a computer or printer.

* Graphic display and rendering of leaf images for verification of a successful scan and auditing of data

* Built in GPS tagging to provide location data for each measurement

* Non-destructive measurements

* No calibration required

* One-Touch Data: Simply sweep the CI-203 over a leaf to yield six measurement parameters: area, width, length, perimeter, shape factor, and aspect ratio

* Durable and lightweight

* Improved consistency of measurements

* Measuring Thickness: 25mm maximum

* Measuring Width: 150mm maximum

* Measuring Length: 3m maximum

* Resolution: 0.1mm² 

* Accuracy: ± 1% for samples > 10cm² 

* Interface: USB serial interface

* Measuring Units: cm² ( area) , cm ( length, width, and perimeter) 

* Memory Size: 32k bytes, 15, 000 readings

* Display: 16 characters × 2 lines LCD

* Scanning Speed: 200mm/ second

* Battery: 7.2 volt rechargeable NiMH

* Battery Capacity: Over 15 hours of normal use

* Operating Temperature: 0 - 50° C

* Dimensions: 35.5L × 4.5W × 5Hcm

* Weight: 910g

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