EAGLE EYE SG1000C Portable Density Meter Murah
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08 Feb 2020
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Specification of EAGLE EYE SG1000C Portable Density Meter Murah

Detail EAGLE EYE SG1000C Portable Density Meter


The SG-1000 digital hydrometer / specific gravity tester is specifically designed to quickly & safely measure the temperature-compensated specific gravity of your batteries. The SG-1000 is critical in determining the charge level of lead-acid batteries, without touching any liquid or cumbersome cleaning. Single-handed automatic operation makes this method 10x faster than conventional glass hydrometer and thermometer methods. Ensure optimally charged industrial storage battery banks by measuring the specific gravity (state of charge). Measure specific gravity and temperature simultaneously with a press of a button.

To measure battery electrolytes, simply extract a sample in your suction tube and press the “START” button - it’s that easy! The temperature-compensated specific gravity is displayed on the screen. The user can select between the specific gravity reading and temperature reading by pressing the “SELECT” button. Measurement results are displayed in just three seconds. The SG-1000 is built for Fahrenheit or Celsius readings, depending on the selected model. The SG-1000 Battery Digital Hydrometer is the most economic way to test battery electrolyte accurately and efficiently.

State of charge (SOC) monitoring is important while maintaining healthy lead acid batteries. As a battery discharges, the active electrolyte - sulphuric acid - is consumed and the concentration of the sulphuric acid in water is reduced. This process reduces the specific gravity of the battery in direct proportion to the state of charge. Use the SG-1000 digital hydrometer to measure the specific gravity as an indicator of the state of charge and health of your batteries. Knowing the amount of energy left in a battery gives an indication on the battery health before recharging or replacement. The SG-1000 is the most efficient way of monitoring state of charge for lead-acid batteries - being fast and cost-effective.

The SG-1000 measures specific gravity from 1.000 to 1.300. (1.000-1.4000 range upon request.) A reading between 1.275-1.300 indicates the battery is at full-charge. A 1.250 reading shows the battery is at half a charge and 1.175 indicates a full battery discharge. The SG-1000 allows you to maintain the longevity of your batteries by having proper specific gravity values - saving you time

99.998% Accurate
10x faster than conventional methods
Measure specific gravity and temperature simultaneously
Automatic temperature compensation
Rugged & Durable
Digital display
CE Compliant
One Year Warranty

What's in the Box:
(1) SG-1000 Body
(1) 9V Battery
(3) Sample Tubes
(1) Carrying Case
(1) User Manual

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