EAGLE EYE SG5000BT Density And Concentration Meter

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The Eagle Eye SG-5000BT compact digital density meter brings simplicity to your analysis with lab-accurate results. The stand alone SG-5000BT density and concentration meter is ready to go out of the box for simple liquid analysis and quality control. The unit utilizes an integrated rechargeable battery for off-the-line operation outside traditional lab space with no voltage fluctuations or power outages. Receive precise measurement in a compact, light design built for portable testing. A sample requirement of only 1 mL is needed for 99.999% accurate results.

The SG-5000BT compact digital density meter provides the user with the same measuring quality and oscillating U-tube principles as the Eagle Eye SG-Ultra Max Digital Hydrometer. The compact size of the unit allows you to use it in the lab, in the field, or near the sample. The SG-5000BT ensures reliable filling and full traceability. Correct results strongly depend on bubble-free filling, ensured by the SG-5000BT's optionally integrated peristaltic pump. The "FilingCheck" feature automatically detects filling errors and gas bubbles in the filled sample and generates a warning message. With the "U-View" feature, you can visually inspect the measuring cell by means of a real-time camera. Pictures of the measuring cell are saved with the corresponding measuring data, ready to be recalled for verification of correct sample filing any time later.

The instrument's sample identification ensures full traceability of your results, saving and displaying these with identification data such as sample type, batch number, user, instrument, location, and more. For instant identification, you can also connect a bar code reader. The SG-5000BT provides you with additional safety for measuring highly viscous samples, as the instrument's viscosity correction compensates potential viscosity-related errors.

Optional accessories include the SG-5000BT high-performance battery for six hour off-the-line operation capability, the SG-Peristaltic Pump, and the SG-5000BT thermal printer with Bluetooth interface.


Advanced technology in a compact format

99.9998% Accurate Results

Ready to test out of the box

Clear sample identification for full trace-ability of results

Automatic viscosity correction of measured density results

Freely programmable methods containing measuring units and temperatures to be used for the measurement

Off-the-line operation with rechargeable battery

Wireless Communication with Bluetooth interface for data exchange with PC or Printer

Two USB Interfaces for data transfer from a USB flash drive or PC

Ethernet interface for data transfer to PC


One Year Warranty

What's in the Box:

(1) SG-5000BT Unit

(1) Power Supply

(1) Power Cord

(2) Injection Adapter Luer

(1) 3 x 5 mm Silicone Transparent Hose

(10) Syringe 2 mL Luer

(2) Male Luer Plug PTFE

(2) Adapter Luer Cone

(1) Angular Screwdriver Torx T8

(1) Waste Vessel

(1) User Manual

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