Elma Elmasonic xtra ST ultrasonic cleaning unit 800 H3 x 4

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16 Mar 2023
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Specification of Elma Elmasonic xtra ST ultrasonic cleaning unit 800 H3 x 4

Elma Elmasonic xtra ST ultrasonic cleaning unit 800 H, 3 x 400 V

The Elmasonic X-tra ST range of devices is designed for use in a rugged production environment, workshops and servicing

Designed for continuous operation at the highest load levels. A wide range of features make it easy and effective to work with these devices.

You can easily set and monitor all the parameters that you need such as time and heating preselection, the ultrasound frequency and other programmable functions on the control panel that is located on the front.

Product features of Elmasonic xtra ST

Ultrasonic trough made of stainless steel

Sloping trough base to drain the cleaning liquid better

Sandwich high-performance oscillation systems

Ultrasound frequency can be switched over between 25 kHz for coarse and pre-cleaning and 45 kHz for fine cleaning

Sweep function for continuous shifting of the maximum sound pressures and bringing about more homogenous sound distribution in the cleaning bath

Switchable pulse function to intensify the ultrasonic cleaning effect In addition, optimization of readiness for operation (reaching the cavitation threshold) and after replacing the basket (reduction in cleaning time)

Dynamic function: The sweep and pulse functions run alternately on an automatic basis. The ultrasound output is increased by up to 20%. At the same time, the uniform distribution of ultrasound in the ultrasonic bath enhances the cleaning effect.

Heating with temperature regulation (30 °C - 80 °C)

Temperature-controlled ultrasound function: the ultrasound starts automatically when the preselected temperature is reached

Automatic safety shutdown after 12 hours of operation to avoid accidental continuous operation

Automatic safety shutdown at bath temperature of 90° to protect from excessive temperature

Display of the set values and the actual values on the LED display

Housing made of stainless steel

Rollers with a parking brake to move the device when it is empty

Stainless steel liquid drain on the device side


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