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EXTECH 407123 Heavy Duty Anemometer
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Extech's 407123 is a thermo-anemometer that can be used to measure air velocity in various different parameters and can also be used to measure temperature and windchill.

This product is most ideally suited to HVAC specialists who work with hard-to-reach applications and testing points. This is because the 407123 ships as standard with an extendable telescopic probe which can be extended up to a total height of 7ft (1.2m) making it ideal for reaching vents on ceilings without the need to balance precariously on ladders. The probe is also extremely thin, making it easy to navigate into ducts or areas where larger probes such as vanes simply wouldn't fit and would require the removal of panels.

The Extech 407123 also makes life easier when testing by calculating an air velocity and temperature (or windchill) measurement at the same time, with both results displayed simultaneously on the devices' large-size LCD screen. When measuring air velocity this device also features several selectable measurements units, with m/s, ft/min, MPH, knots and km/h calculations all possible. Temperature can also be calculated in both Celsius and Fahrenheit. Although not a datalogger, the Extech 407123 can be used in combination with an Extech 380340 datalogger (sold separately) and 407001 data acquisition software (also sold separately) to capture and download testing data.

Extech 407123 Heavy Duty Hot Wire Thermo Anemometer Key Features

Built-in telescopic probe extends to height of 7ft for testing in difficult applications
Simultaneous air velocity and temperature/windchill measurements
Portable and lightweight - easy to hold in one hand
Data hold function
MAX/MIN calculation and recall
Unit selection
Large-size 1.4" LCD screen

Full List of Products Included
Extech 407123 Heavy Duty Hot Wire Thermo Anemometer
Telescopic Probe with Cable
6 x AAA Batteries
Protective Holster

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