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KIMO VT50 Hotwire Thermo Anemometer MURAH
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Better suited for measuring inside those tricky small or hard-to-reach ducts, the KIMO VT50 includes a long-length (300mm), small diameter (8mm) hot wire probe for reaching those applications where a normal anemometer would struggle.

The KIMO VT50 is a thermo-anemometer - it can be used to test both air temperature and velocity levels. It can test temperature from -20 to +80°C and velocity from 0.15 to 30m/s. Results are highly accurate and you can test down as low as 0.1°C and 0.01m/s. Temperature measurements can be switched from Celsius/Fahrenheit, while velocity measures can be performed in metres per second, feet per minute or kilometres per hour.

This anemometer consists of two parts - the actual measuring display/adjustment unit and the hotwire probe. The probe is attached to the anemometer permanently via a flexible cable, allowing you to easily hold the display unit in one hand while you hold the hot wire probe in the other (e.g. inside a duct). If you still can't see the screen, simply hit the HOLD button and the VT50 will store the current screen until you press the HOLD button again.
The KIMO VT50 is supplied as standard with a 1 year guarantee for any manufacturing defects.

300mm length, 8mm diameter hot wire probe makes it easier to test in difficult applications
Dual capabilities - measures both air temperature and velocity
Temperature measurement range from -20 to +80°C
Velocity measurement range from 0.15 to 30m/s
Switch between Celsius/Fahrenheit temperature measurement modes
Switch between m/s, fpm and km/h velocity measurement modes
Powered by 4 x AAA 1.5V batteries with life of 40 hours
HOLD function temporarily stores current value shown on the screen
1 year guarantee from KIMO

What's In The Box:
(1) KIMO VT50 Thermo Anemometer
(1) Adjustment Certificate (not a full calibration certificate - available for purchase separately)
(1) Soft Carrying Case

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