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LUTRON AM4205A Anemometer and Humidity
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Specification of

* Anemometer & Humidity meter are combined into one * The portable anemometer provides fast, accurate readings,  meter, intelligent design. with digital readability and the convenience of a remote
* Microprocessor circuit assures maximum possible accuracy sensor separately. provides special functions and features. * Multi-functions for air flow measurement: m/ s, km/ h, 
* Super large LCD display, easy readout. ft/ min, knots. mile/ h.
* Dual function meter' s display. * Build in temperature  , measurement.
* Low-friction ball vane wheels is accurate in both high & * Thermistor sensor for Temp. measurement, fast response low velocities for anemometer. time.
* Thin-film capacitance sensor for humidity measurement, * Used the durable, long-lasting components. high precision. * Heavy duty & compact housing case.
* Records Maximum & Minimum readings with recall. * Deluxe hard carrying case, easy carryout & storage.
* Data hold. * Wide applications : To check air conditioning & heating
* Auto shut off saves battery life. systems, measure air velocities, wind speeds, humidity
* RS 232 PC serial interface. temperature...etc.

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