MSA Solaris (10070963) Multi
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14 Jan 2020
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Specification of MSA Solaris (10070963) Multi


The MSA Solaris multigas detector is an affordable, durable, reliable, and easy-to-use portable instrument for detecting the presence of O₂, H₂S, CO and combustible gas. It is designed to withstand rough handling in harsh environments and delivers MSA's commitment to quality in a small size at a small price. The Solaris multigas detector is ergonomically designed and provides the best value in its class. At a low, competitive cost, it provides state-of-the-art engineering, a wide array of features, weighs less than eight ounces and fits in the palm of your hand. Methane-calibrated Solaris detectors are MSHA-Approved for mining applications.

The Solaris multigas detector unit can be easily configured by the user to detect up to four gases simultaneously. Users can also easily modify most instrument functions including alarm and expected calibration gas concentration values, industrial hygiene (STEL, TWA) functions and many other operating and set-up parameters. And all critical values are protected behind a user selectable password option.

The MSA Solaris utilizes a triple alarm system. High intensity LED visual alarms are visible from all angles while the audible alarm is typically measured in excess of 100 dB and produces a shrill sound adding a sense of urgency to potentially dangerous situations while not being easily confused with other workplace sounds. A strong vibrating alarm is included as a standard feature. The Solaris also has a user-enabled LED that flashes a green light every 15 seconds simply to indicate to the user that the instrument is working properly.

Four-in-one gas detector displays all gas readings simultaneously
Reliable CO, H2S, O2, and combustible gas detection
User configuration for alarm set points, calibration gas values and industrial hygiene functions
Lightweight and compact size makes it easy to wear
Durable case with rubberized armor provides IP65 protection against liquid and dust ingress
Rechargeable lithium ion battery provides 14+ hours of continuous run-time and delivers best-in-class performance in extreme conditions
Autocalibration and compatibility with MSA’s Galaxy Test System
Optional powered sampling pump with extensive contaminant filtering system
Outstanding 2-year, all-inclusive warranty
Datalogging option included
Ergonomic design for maximum comfort
World-class triple alarm system with 100+ decibel audible alarm, multiple high-intensity visual alarm and strong vibrating alarm
Superior display features simultaneous gas concentration readout, backlighting for easy reading and alphanumeric message bar for detailed information

What's In The Box:
(3) AA batteries
(1) CD manual

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