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16 Mar 2023
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The testo 340 is the ideal tool to confirm proper set-up and to identify emission problems before they get serious.  Oxygen is the base sensor in all Testo 340 Analyzers.  Simply add one, or up to three sensors for your specific job.
This combustion analyzer can be configured in many ways for commissioning commercial boilers, testing engines in midstream gas pipelines, tuning industrial burners in refineries, or cement or glass or any other combustion system that requires high confidence, so you can make the proper control adjustments.
Four (4) gas flexibility – O2 comes standard, then choose what’s needed for your combustion tuning
Select the industrial CO sensors (0-10,000 ppm with a 50,000 ppm upper dilution range) for tuning standard systems or swap out and use the CO low range sensor (0-500 ppm) for critical low range carbon monoxide limits.  Add the NO and NO2 sensors for a NOx reading for tuning boilers or engines.  You can even field swap the standard NO sensor for the NOlow sensor and have 0.1 ppm NOx resolution for tighter combustion control.  Add the SO2 sensor to monitor sulfur laden fuels or additives.   We have a variety of kits configured for specific combustion tuning applications.   The analyzer Kits are configured to deliver the best performance whether you are testing a boiler or burner, stationary or mobile engine tuning, or pre-compliance testing.
Analyzer Kits - 4 Configured for typical combustion needs
Two gas: (O2, CO) standard combustion kit
Three gas: (O2, CO, NO) combustion kit for Boilers & Burners
Three gas: (O2, CO, NO) Engine Testing Kit
Single gas upgrade with O2 - Add what you need.

Built to last
Long life-time CO and NOx sensors (up to 5 years) make cost of ownership the best in market.  Field exchangeable sensors allow greater flexibility.
The automatic dilution (range extender) factor-5x increases the CO range to 50,000 ppm.  The analyzer will calculate and display the corrected values.  User defined setpoints means you can extend the CO sensor life and maintain accurate measurements.
Rubberized shock resistant housing and clear over-plate protects analyzer and display screen. Magnets on back housing allows you to mount the analyzer for easier viewing.

Beneficial features and useful options
The back-lit display is easily customized, can display from 4 to 8 lines, or show a variety of measurement options, such as PPM values or as MMBtu/hr. shows measurements
Important calculation including, combustion efficiency, excess air calculations, corrected NOx and corrected CO values.  
18 fuels to choose from
Onboard Diagnostics – Simple Push the I button and scroll down to see instrument status.
Draft and differential pressure and Mass Emission calculations (i.e. lbs./hr., tons/yr) with any Pitot tube

Hose extensions -9-foot quick connect extensions with integrated thermocouple means you can extend the hose to 25 feet.  Simply disconnect them for easier, less bulky transport.
Industrial sample probes from 3 feet to 9 feet long and from 1,112 °F to 3,200 °F
Infrared printer
easyEmission Software - for real time data loggong or downloading from instrument memory
Delivery Scope
testo 340 flue gas analyzer, calibration certificate, shoulder strap, O2 sensor, and integrated flow and pressure difference measurements.
PLEASE NOTE: Your testo 340 must be fitted with a second gas sensor for it to work. Up to three additional sensors can be fitted.

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