TPI 716 Flue Gas Combustion Analyser - Kit 5 Murah

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16 Mar 2023
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Specification of TPI 716 Flue Gas Combustion Analyser - Kit 5 Murah



TPI 716 Flue Gas Combustion Analyser - Kit 5 Details

The most comprehensive TPI 716 kit available, this bundle comes with all standard accessories plus an infrared printer, 2 x pipe clamp probes, a CPA1 probe kit and a gas sniffer! In other words, it comes with absolutely everything you'll need for flue analysis.

The TPI 716 is a fast-response, professional-grade flue gas analysis tool compatible with boilers powered by natural gas, LPG, light oil, heavy oil, bituminous coal, anthracite coal, coke, butane, wood and bagasse.

With built-in datalogging capabilites, the 716 can capture results for easy recall at a later date. This information can either be sent to a PC via a USB cable or can be wirelessly printed using the infrared printer (included with this kit).

Absolutely every aspect of a boiler's operation can be checked with the 716; it features a built-in differential manometer for pressure measurements, a built-in thermometer for differential temperature measurements and can also test excess air, efficiency, oxygen levels, CO/CO2 ratio and much more.

TPI 716 Flue Gas Combustion Analyser Key Features

Large size, easy-to-read 4 or 8 line graphical display - no need to scroll through measurements - see them all at once!

Measure O2 (oxygen), CO (carbon monoxide) and flue temperature

Calculate efficiency and excess air

CO and CO/CO2 ratio calculations

Built-in CO analyser detects carbon monoxide levels in ambient air

Differential manometer built-in with ±150mBar range (0.01mBar resolution)

Dual type K thermocouple differential thermometer built-in

30 second countdown function for combustion readings speeds up testing time

Enhanced let-by and tightness testing with timed start, stop and differential pressure readings

Menu-driven user interface - easy to navigate to different functions

CO built-up test - quickly prove or disprove CO levels

Simultaneously measure pressure and combustion readings

Large capacity pump with visible flow rate on screen - constantly monitored to prevent damage and downtime

10000ppm CO sensor - ensures that the analyser won't be damaged if exposed to high levels of CO

Datalogging with date and time stamping

Communicate to a PC via USB connection

Push-on fittings for fast and easy use

6 year warranty included as standard

What's Included?

TPI 716 Flue Gas Combustion Analyser

Combustible Gas Leak Probe

Rubber Boot (Installed On Analyser)

Soft Carrying Case

Flue Sampling Probe

In-Line Filter/Water Trap (Installed on Flue Probe)

Disc Water Filter (Installed in Water Trap)

Temperature Probe

Battery Charger

Mini Pump Protection Filter Assembly

Removable Exhaust Spigot

Pressure Tubing

2 x Static Pressure Tips

2 x ¼" barbed to 1/8" NPT Fitting

Gas Valve Adapter

Instruction Manual

Infrared Printer

2 x Pipe Clamp Temperature Probes

CPA1 Probe Kit

Plug-In Gas Sniffer

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