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16 Mar 2023
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Compliance testing and combustion troubleshooting is now easier when you use the new testo 350. This new portable emission analyzer provides the highest accuracy, ultra-rugged construction, easy operation and innovations in measurement technology to set a new standard in portable analyzers.

testo 350 Emission Analyzer: A New Standard in Serviceability

The new testo 350 raises the bar in testing serviceability. Its new design allows for routine service and " plug and play " convenience – no tools needed. Simply click out the sensor, or chiller filter, or pump – it' s that simple.

Other features include: 

Easy-access service opening

Thermally-separated sensor chamber

Plug and play " smart sensors " for easy field replacement

Automatically monitored condensate trap with CO2 upgrade

Cooling loop designed to isolate electronics and sensors from harsh ambient conditions

Automatic flow-controlled sampling pump so a constant sample flow is maintained

testo 350 Control Unit and Analyzer Box

The new testo 350 control unit is small in size, but big in capability. The interface provides a variety of field configurations that makes testing easier to perform, faster to setup and safer for you. As soon as you pick up the testo 350 analyzer box, you will know it is rugged, but you will be surprised at its light weight. Don' t let that weight fool you however. It is packed with the latest in measurement technology. The analyzer box contains the sensors, pumps, electronics and of course testo' s analyzer know-how.

Analyzer Box

Up to six sensors can be installed and additional parameters can be swapped out in seconds

Integrated circuitry for a better response, easier calibrations and unmatched versatility

Sensor interference filters and smart diagnostics assure sensor accuracy, increased sensor life, and quick replacement

Advanced continuous temperature compensation eliminates drift due to changing ambient conditions

Automatic or user-defined dilution systems dramatically increase testing range and accuracy

Individual sensor temperature monitoring and temperature compensation

Increased thermal stability due to new housing design and insulating sensors from heat and electronics

Gas paths built with non-reactive materials necessary for the highest level of accuracy

Patented high velocity sample lines increases response time and maintains sample integrity

Sample conditioning utilizing thermoelectric cooling to remove moisture and provide a dry sample resulting in a better measurement and is required by most testing protocol

Control Unit

Easy to read measurements, whether you are standing at the control panel or sitting in your truck

Control the analyzer box via Bluetooth up to 300 feet away or hard-wired up to 1000' s of feet away

Store your data until it is convenient for download

Realize the power of real time graphics on the 350' s brilliant HD color display

Measurements of velocity and flow, and the calculation of ton/ year or lbs/ hr, are performed with ease

Increase accuracy by eliminating long sample lines, long response times, and the higher potential for sample absorption

When complete, click control unit face down for protection during transport

Packing List: 

350 Analyzer Box

350 Control Unit

O2 Sensor ( 0 to 25% ) 

CO Sensor: Low Range ( 0 - 500 ppm, 0.1 res.) 

NO Sensor: Low Range ( 0 - 300 ppm, 0.1 res.) 

NO2 Sensor ( 0 to 500 ppm) 

CO Dilution system

CO Release code for dilution system

Gas conditioning

Fresh Air Valve

16' data bus cable

Carrying strap

Basic Excel software

Printer paper ( 6 rolls) 

Particle filters ( 20 pack) 

Pelican case with insert

Engine emission sampling probe; 13 " 2000° F w/ 7' teflon line

Mini ambient air probe

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